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Blog : notes on archival process

I am interested in the Archival process, the sometimes random, often prescribed nature by which images and data become historicized. I am excited to be orientated as an insider within this Archival process: to manipulate, mimic and exploit the structures of data processing and devise generative systems of production

In particular I am fascinated by the transformation of vast amounts of disparate visual information into a unified data field as represented by the digital binary system of zero's and one's.

Perhaps a starting point for this interest began with the work 'eleven seconds of paradise' which took 275 images from an internet search for the word 'Paradise' and edited them into an 11 second video whereby the images pass so quickly that it is difficult to register them.

Since 2000 works have concentrated on the transformation of the digital into the analogue and actual world we live and experience. These works make a reversal of the ongoing trend toward digitization.

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