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Blog : Index of First Lines 1790 - 1800

I was recently invited to participate in an exhibition on William Blake's time in Lambeth. I have decided to perform an Auto-Lecture which uses the exhibitions premise as an 'archival filter'. I will read the complete Index of First Lines of poems written between 1790 - 1800 (the period that Blake lived in Lambeth) from an Auto-Cue and accompanied by Live Drums (Dave Carbone).

Here are the Index of First Lines 1790 - 1800

Ah Sun-flower, weary of time: P.215
Albion rose from were he labour'd at the Mill with Slaves: P.160
An old maid early - e'er I knew: P.184
Are not the joys of winter sweeter:P.172
Are not the joys of the morning sweeter: P.172
Around the Springs of Grey my wild root weaves: P.414
As I wandered the forest: P.175
As when a dream of Thiralatha flies the midnight hour: P.206

Beneath the whit thorn, Lovely May: P.421

Children of the future age: P.219
Come hither my boy, tell me what thou seest there: P.180
Come hither my sparrows: P. 178
Cruelty has a human heart. P.221

Dear Mother, Dear Mother, the church is cold: P 179, 216

Each man is in his Spectre's power: P.421, 669, 919
Earth rais'd up her head: P.168, 210
Eno, aged Mother: P.255
Enslav'd, the daughters of Albion weep; a trembling lamentation:P.189

Five windows light the cavern'd Man:P. 237
Fuzon on a chariot iron-wing'd:P. 249

He who binds himself to joy: P. 179, 184
Her whole life is an Epigram, smack-smooth & nobly pen'd
How came pride in Man: P. 173

I asked a thief to steel me a peach: P. 163, 261
I dreamt a dream! What can it mean: P. 182, 213
I feared the fury of my wind: P. 166
I heard an angel singing: P. 164
I laid me down upon a bank: P.162
I loved Theotoromon: P. 189
I saw a chapel all of gold: P. 163
I saw a monk of Charlemaine: P. 418, 683
I slept in the dark: P. 170
I told my love, I told my love: P. 161
I walked abroad in a snowy day: P. 176
I wander thro' each charter'd street: P. 216
I wander thro' each dirty street: P. 170
I was angry with my friend: P. 165, 218
I went to the garden of love: P. 162, 215
I will sing you a song of Los, the Eternal Prophet: P. 245
If you trap the moment before it's ripe: P. 179
In a wife I would desire: P. 178
Is this a holy thing to see: P.181, 211

Let the brothels of Paris be opened: P. 185, 891
Little fly: P.]183, 213
Love seeketh not itself to please: P. 162, 211
Love to faults is always blind: P. 175

Mock on, Mock on Voltaire, Rousseau: P. 418
My mother groan'd, my father wept: P. 166, 217, 889
My Spectre around me night and day: P. 415

Never pain to tell thy love: P. 161
Nought loves another as itself: P. 176, 218

O, I cannot, cannot find: P. 184
O Lapwing, thou fliest around the heath: P. 168
O Rose, thou art sick: P. 175, 213
O'er my Sins Thou sit and moan: P. 417
Of the primeval Priest's assum'd power: P. 222

Pity could be no more: P. 217

Remove away that black'ning church: P. 176, 184
Rintrah roars and shakes his fires: P. 148

Silent, Silent Night: P. 168
Sleep, Sleep, beauty bright: P. 165
Sleep, Sleep: in thy Sleep: P. 164
Soft deceit and idleness: P. 182, 184

Terror in the house does roar: P. 421
The countless gold of a merry heart: P. 181
The dead brood over Europe, the cloud and vision descends over cheerful France: P. 134
The deep of winter came: P. 239
The Eternal Female groan'd! it was heard over all the Earth: P. 159
The good are attracted by Men's perceptions: P. 183
The Guardian Prince of Albion burns in his nightly tent: P.197, 203
The harvest shall flourish in wintry weather: P. 177
The Hebrew Nation did not write it: P. 187
The look of love alarms: P. 182, 184
The modest rose puts forth a thorn: P. 171, 215
The nameless shadowy female rose from out the breast of Orc: P. 238
The shadowy Daughter of Urthona stood before red Orc: P. 195
The song of the Aged Mother: P. 264, 899
The sun arises in the East: P. 177
The sword sung on the barren heath: P. 178
There is a Smile of Love: P. 423
This is the Song of Eno: P. 264
Thou has a lap full of seed: P. 168
Thou, little Kid, didst play: P. 179
To a lovely myrtle bound: P. 169, 176

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