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Like many people who live in London I've developed a fascination and queer kind of respect for these guys on Honda C90's who buzz by ceaselessly with a 'master' version of the AZ clipped onto the front of their handlebars. Their aim of course is to pass the infamous 'Knowledge' test for taxi drivers who must have an encyclopedic knowledge of London's fascinating spider web of streets.

I wonder if the test will remain with the influx of in car GPS devices? Demanded by a population bent on bizarre initiation rites, that they themselves play along with, testing their knowledge, day by day, street by street on their own small journeys around this unfathomably vast city.

Something about it reminds me of flies buzzing around the ceilings of peoples rooms, unceasingly and without good reason, they take sharp angles as if driven by some outward force, as if they were collecting information, testing coordinates, reporting back to some primary consciousness.

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