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an invitation to lunch HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT?

Lambeth Council Workshops 14th September 2005 & 20th October 2005 Venue Town hall Brixton and room 101

I Invite my colleagues at the council to Lunch: to watch a film clip, to see some pictures of Lambeth and to begin our own archival process with photographs and email memoirs.

The title of the workshops is taken from one of Frank O Hara's poems. O Hara's collection 'Lunch Poems' was so called because he typed them up in the lunch hour of his job as curator at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

On the 14th I will introduce a sequence from the 1995 Paul Auster and Wayne Wang film, 'Smoke', in which the film's central character, Auggie has taken pictures from the front of his Brooklyn cigar store at 7 AM every day for the past 16 years. This will be presented in the context of images and narratives drawn from the Lambeth archives themselves. Disposable camera's will be distributed to the participants to begin to form their own archival process.

See Blog 'notes on Archival Process'

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