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Book cover of Historic ClaphamHistoric Clapham
Michael Green

Drawing on a decade of work, the author (a former inspector of Ancient Monuments and Historic Buildings for English Heritage, a Chartered Member of RIBA and Fellow of the Society of Anitquaries of London) explores Clapham in its various incarnations , from its prehistoric beginnings, through the thriving Roman, Saxon, Norman and medieval settlemants, to its sudden growth in the seventeenth century with the arrival of wealthy families, and, finally, the great change in the character of the place when the great mansion of Clapham Place was erected, quickly followed in the eightennth century by many others in the locality. This book is an absorbing read for both residents and anyone interested in the changing history of the British landscape.

Published by: Tempus
Publication date: 2008
Cost: 22.00
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