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Portrait photo of Florence from Doulton pottery in Lambeth where she worked.





Place of Birth





decorates clay pots at Doultons Pottery on the riverside near Vauxhall

Place living now

Kennington, Lambeth with her family


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Good stuff : working in an art studio with lots of other girls, being with her brothers,

Bad stuff: her old job working in a school

Documents: painting of girls working in the pottery, Florence's signature, modern photo of what is left of the Victorian pottery works in Black Prince Road by the river in Lambeth.

Florence was from quite an educated family, her dad & brothers all worked as clerks in banks or businesses. She worked long hours in her job at the pottery but conditions there were good for that time in history. Later she got married and had children and moved away to leafier Clapham with her husband and family.

Teachers notes

What do we know about Florence ? First of all we had only one small photo of her and a signature. This was contained in a presentation album with other photos of workers given in 1881 to Henry Doulton, factory owner and manager of Doulton's potteries on Lambeth riverside.

Florence has an unusual surname, Tegetmeier, originally a German name, although we find from the census that Florence's parents were born in London. Searching through records at Lambeth Archives for her surname we discovered more details of her family. In the census of 1881 her family was living at Richmond Terrace, now Richborne Terrace, a smart three storey house near the Oval in Kennington. Her father and brothers were clerks working in banks and offices.

Her work at Doulton's potteries was in an art studio specially developed for women. Unlike some of the other potteries at the time Henry Doulton did not want women involved with the heavy work, such as carrying huge lumps of clay. Although the basic products of the pottery were drainpipes, toilets and other functional items Doulton was interested in making decorative ware too. Thus he set up the studio, staffed by women, which produced vases and ornamental pieces which people bought for their attractive colour and design rather than for their function. Florence worked in this studio. She probably stamped designs in the half-dry clay or painted coloured glazes onto designs drawn into the pots by more senior designers. Although the working day was long, as with most Victorian jobs, the employees were treated quite well, with canteens for food during the day and the chance of attending art lectures in the evenings.

In the census for 1891 Florence was still living at the same address but married and no longer listed as working. In the census of 1901 she is 35. She is living in Clapham with her husband and a number of small children. www.LambethLandmark.com : search word Doulton ; pottery ;

Assoc Books "Doulton Lambeth Wares" Desmond Eyles isbn 0-9036-8579-5

Lambeth Archives also has for sale a Victorian themed teachers pack that has copies of all the documents relating to Florence's life and work