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Sayid Somal. 1990s:






Place of Birth

Taleex, Somalia




Camel boy, now student teacher

Place living now

Britain via Finland


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Good stuff : Looking forward to new things and meeting new people and having new experiences.

Bad stuff : Being homesick for everything, his camels,the lovely lovely beaches of the Red Sea, and missing his mum.

Documents. Sayid with his favourite camel, map of Somalia , Photo from Tiger Bay Swansea,South Wales of a wedding in 1925 with Somali groom and mixed race bride with their families and friends.

Sayid left Somalia to stay with his brother in Finland in the 1990s but when the war broke out in his homeland he applied for asylum. He misses so many things about his home country but has enjoyed meeting new people and doing new things in Britain. He says that parts of London are just like being in an African village." You can get anything !"

Teachers notes

Sayid left Somalia in the 1990s to live for a while with his older brother who was working in the embassy in Finland. However shortly afterwards a civil war broke out in their homeland and both brothers applied for asylum. Sayid who was then only nine years old describes the problems he had in Finland where there are not a lot of people from Africa. "Once in the winter there was one dark speck in the white snow and one of my class mates pointed it out saying " That is just like you, a black dot in a sea of white. " He remembered the racism there being very bad.

He chose to come to Britain when he was able to as he felt there was better opportunities here.

"In Finland education was good but there was not much chance of progression in the job market especially if you were Black."

England, especially London, he felt was more accepting and there was more of a mix of people. He misses many things about his home country but has enjoyed meeting new people and doing new things in Britain. He says that parts of busy south London like Peckham where he lives now and Brixton are just like being in an African village, a developed African village,. "You can get anything! It's like being in Africa."

Sayid is homesick for the camels he used to look after in Somalia, and the lovely beaches of the Red Sea and his family. He misses his mum very much and wishes she would come to live in London.

"But she won't. She would miss Somalia and her friends too much." He enjoys his work supporting students in school in London and is training to be a teacher. He is lucky that he can go back and visit his family in Somalia in the holidays.

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